When is it Time to Remodel?

Homeowners are generally aware that home remodeling is an option. But when is the right time to chose it? It’s easy to pinpoint when NOT to remodel: when you think your home is already perfect or you just had it custom built. The rest of the time all seems like a bit of a grey area- Is it too soon? Do I have a good reason? Would it be worth the investment?

When deciding on home remodeling, there are no hard rules. Among the very uncommon reasons would be “I had a dream that I should remodel my kitchen” and “a fortune cookie told me to.”  Luckily. there are some common reasons to remodel, though. And they can bring you greater satisfaction with your home and a higher selling price when the time comes.


Common Reasons for Home Remodeling Include:

“Wear and Tear” is Becoming Apparent

Broken tiles, peeling grout, flaking paint, and cracked surfaces can all harbor mold and bacteria. A remodel not only helps the space look better, but keeps it cleaner and safer for the family. A remodel with focus on surfaces instead of changing layout is often called a “refresh”.


The Style or Appliances are Notably Outdated

If you have a ten year old refrigerator that looks contemporary and clean, that’s entirely different than having a old refrigerator that’s olive green and plastic pebble-textured. Once your home starts looking like it could be a set for 90s sitcom, you can benefit from a fresher style. Remodeled with a modern look, your outdated space will feel more alive and clean, guaranteed.


The Layout or Organization isn’t Functional

Maybe your bathroom counter is too deep, the kitchen traffic flow is uncomfortable, or there are closet doors that open into other doorways. Sometimes the layout of a space is just not well designed. Maybe you have to advise guests on how to get out of the bathroom? How to open the cupboard? You can finally live in a home that you don’t have to help guests navigate through thoughtful home remodeling.


Spaces aren’t Proportional

An example of unproportional space would be if you have a cramped living room where the family spends lots of time and a spacious laundry room that’s larger than needed. Moving a wall can create the living room you crave. Stealing space from one area and using it to open up another is a smart way to create a more enjoyable home.


Clutter is Getting out of Control

Storage solutions are always getting smarter and more efficient, as well as more ergonomically comfortable. Maybe you don’t have enough storage, or maybe you don’t like to use it because it’s awkward, hard to reach, or otherwise inconvenient. A remodel can create the space you need and solve storage issues that prevent you from putting things  away easily.


You’ll be Selling Your Home Soon

If you’re planning on selling and want top dollar when you do, a remodel of kitchens and bathrooms can be a worthwhile investment. And your home will probably sell faster with these fresh updates too.


The Family’s Needs Have Changed

Your family may have grown, your children may have flown the nest, or your parents may have moved in. If who lives in the home and what they need has changed, a remodel can help your house continue to fit your family’s needs.


Everything Works, But You Don’t Like It

Your personal style may have changed. There’s no reason to keep living in a home that doesn’t suit your aesthetic. This is your home and should feel good to you. Making the changes that make your space feel “right” can be a big quality of life change, especially if you actively disliked the previous look.

If you have any questions about remodeling or what’s possible for your home, contact Robineve to learn about your options.