At Robineve & Co Interiors, Inc. my approach is very collaborative. My clients say that they have FUN, and so do I. Listening to you is a big part of our early meetings. I want to know about you, how your life works around your family, your pets, how you entertain, your preferred styles, your budget.

But even more, I hope to learn your life priorities, what activities and philanthropies this home must support, what brings you comfort, what you need to recharge your spirit. Beyond all the beautiful spaces and edited furniture, a home is really about that tranquil center that nurtures a life well-lived. It's unique to your needs, to your world, to your heart.



Working with a professional Interior Designer is an investment in your home that saves you money, time and energy. Not only do you avoid costly mistakes (“that sofa was WAY too big for the space”), but, most importantly, you get the full “WOW” impact you envisioned when you began your project.

A designer knows what it will look like before it comes together, is there to help you make the right decisions and invests your budget wisely. A good designer will educate you and expand the horizon of your possibilities. As the cliché goes, we make your dreams a reality. Our Full-Scale design services include furnishing interiors and outdoor rooms, remodels and additions, Universal Design,  and downsizing solutions.

Our services are broad.  We get involved in year-long “turnkey projects” for clients living outside of California and abroad, as well as something as basic as paint and color selection.  Over the years, I have established trusted relationships with quality Bay Area contractors, tradesmen, showrooms and custom workrooms whose talents I bring to your projects.

How to Decorate My Home

Interior Furnishings and Design

People ask what my "design style" is, since I'm grounded in the histories of art and furniture design and appreciate so many styles. Personally, I love timeless, chic, “updated classic” design, but I also enjoy working in a variety of styles, depending on my client's preferences, and what their house calls for.

Selecting beautiful and unique furniture and textiles is probably my favorite part of the many projects we do — here is where the individualized, nourishing touches make such a difference. For example, I love to integrate antique Persian rugs into modern themes and incorporate rustic modern with heirloom family pieces — it's more fun and personal.

My clients are looking for more than a replacement of older furniture and window coverings, they want to refresh their homes to more clearly reflect who they are, what their lives are becoming — they want the inside to match the outside of themselves.

Most of all, their lives are busy and hectic, they need their homes to take care of them. Robineve & Co Interiors, Inc., is part of a buying cooperative that allows us to purchase from over 150 furnishing resources at competitive prices. I work with the best custom drapery, rug and specialty furniture makers who can brainstorm with me to create one-of-a-kind solutions.

The Scope of Work can include:

  • Space planning and traffic flow
  • Color palettes that enhance comfort and emotional well being
  • Selection of elegant and practical furniture that are worthwhile investments
  • Balanced textures for coziness, luxury, and easy maintenance
  • Layered light sources for ambient, decorative and functional needs
  • Draperies, shades and window coverings
  • Carpet and Rugs, from broadloom to Tibetan and Persian
  • Accessories, fine art and mirrors —  the "jewelry" that personalizes and enhances a home
  • Hard Surfaces-flooring, countertops, tile, wall treatments
  • Mindful Universal Design principles for ergonomics and ease of use



The emotional demands of remodeling a home are among life’s more challenging experiences. The most important part of a successful working relationship is solid communication that allows your job to run smoothly. Unanticipated changes always come up which, when handled creatively, could make the end results even better.

This is where the expert help of a professional interior design team saves you time, saves you money, and saves your sanity! Robineve & Co Interiors, Inc. is your representative with the contractor and architect. It's our job to understand your goals and how this remodel will improve your life. We walk with you through the many phases of a remodeling project, serving as your guide and sounding board. Although we can come in at any point in the project, it's best to put together a strong professional team from the beginning. My in-house staff includes designers experienced with 3-D computer drafting and architectural services.

The most important part of our working relationship is solid communication that allows your job to run smoothly. Unanticipated changes always come up and together we can find creative solutions — which often make the end result even better. We are certified in Universal Design remodeling and furnishing, a “design for all” approach to creating beautiful, livable environments where use and function underlie the aesthetics.

Robineve & Co Interiors, Inc. is a nine-time winner of design awards from NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Downsizing aka 'Right-sizing'

Many clients I have worked with over the years are now wanting to 'right-size’ their homes and lives. And I’m a believer that ‘Small can be Beautiful’. As a Downsizing specialist, I recreate the feeling and grace of a larger house in a more conveniently sized home. I encourage Universal Design remodeling as we plan their new home. We find furniture that fits the new proportions, and repurpose treasured pieces in a fresh way. To make living in a smaller space both practical and luxurious, I develop creative storage solutions and room layouts so spaces are flexible and multi-purpose. I team up with talented craftsmen and organizing professionals to “trick out” every inch of usable space. An important secret to living well in a smaller space is also about your EYE:

  • Every place your eye lands on should hold something of beauty, something to nurture your spirit. This sense of bountifulness in a cozier space makes you feel well-cared for.

  • The eye has to be able to extend, to have a vista, in order to relax.  For that reason, I get involved in the outdoor spaces of your home, as well as interior vignettes. It’s all about creating the total setting. You will love the results and the freedom!

Speaking Engagements

Robineve enjoys meeting people and is available to speak to your club or organization about:

  • Universal Design: Designing Homes for Life.
  • Downsizing: Living Well in a Smaller Home.
  • Art & Culture: The Influence of French art, design and fashion on contemporary style.

Some of the groups that have invited Robineve to speak include

The Civic Arts League
Rotary International
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
The Stanford Investment Advisors Roundtable
The Women's Council of Realtors
Silver Creek Women's Club 
Lamorinda Village 
 American Assn. of University Women
McCutcheon Construction
Gayler Design-Build