Billing and Timeframe

It's About Time

My staff and I bring the wealth of over three decades of design experience to every job. Clients who approach us aren’t looking for a “cookie cutter” job; they know custom furnishings and remodels are worth the time it takes to complete. They get the personalized results they hoped for. At Robineve Interiors, Inc., we work on an incremental retainer basis against which design time is billed hourly. I feel this is the most transparent way as it gives the client control of the process. In our early meetings, we decide together whether it’s best to approach the project all at once, or in several phases, in order to meet a comfortable budget yet not sacrifice quality. The actual number of hours it will take to reach your goal depends on two key factors which can vary widely: what is your decision-making style, and what are the current conditions of the marketplace? The manufacturers we work with carry a finite amount of stock. We help clients to invest wisely in the right pieces and maximize the opportunity to secure special merchandise when it is available.