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My clients care about quality—the quality of life for their families, the quality of their food, their community, their home surroundings. They are looking for a collaborative experience. They value timeless design, whether contemporary or transitional. My clients lead busy lives—they want their home to be inviting, practical yet welcoming. They need their home to nourish their lives.

But even more, they often come to us because they may have intuited some inner changes and their home environment no longer fits them. They sense a need to express their new understanding of who they have become. We make every effort to get ourselves out of the way and present our clients with what we sense they are reaching for—a home that outwardly reflects this inner evolution. I think that’s why they seem so happy about the results. Like a beautiful dress, their home fits.

Remodeling a Home


I’ve been in the fine art and design world all my adult life. At Smith College and UC Berkeley, I studied Art History and gained a deep understanding of the evolution of beauty in European and Oriental art, architecture and furniture. Travels in Andalucía, India and the Middle East increased my passion for exquisite handwoven textiles and rugs—experiences that would inspire me later as a textile designer.

My first jobs were in high-end interior design showrooms and at the Store Planning and Design Dept. of Macy’s. Wanting to go deeper into design, I was honored when the fabled Rudolf Schaeffer offered me a full scholarship to his San Francisco design school. Mr. Schaeffer taught “pure design”. He believed a designer should be able to design a room, a piece of fabric, a perfect floral arrangement or an airplane! He taught that good design is based on universal principles of truth, harmony, beauty, and functionality—and that design should be accessible to everyone regardless of age or income.

The Fashion Industry

My first job out of design school was as a costume designer for a Washington DC ballet company, where I had to turn out 26 different colors of hand-dyed tutus! I also created ‘historic period’ costumes for a local theater group.

For my high school reunion, I painted a batik pattern on a couple yards of silk and dunked it into a pot of dye on my stove. Voila! I stitched up a simply draped dress and came home with 5 orders, which launched my first clothing business: selling one of a kind silk dresses to congressional wives and TV news broadcasters. Robineve Design in Textiles evolved into a partnership with a showroom on 7th Ave. and 120 accounts nationwide. The adorable Annie Potts attended one of our fashion shows in Hollywood, and asked us to design her wardrobe for CBS TV’s “Designing Women”. Now, THAT was fun!

Remodel a Home
Remodel a Bathroom

Return to Interior Design

After catching my breath from constant travels and assessing what I'd learned from living in New England, Washington DC, and the SF Bay Area, new priorities emerged. So, when I married my architect husband, I returned to designing homes because I realized the importance of my environment in supporting my work and lifestyle. I wanted to share this again.

Combining my background in architectural styles, color and textiles with my passion for quality furniture, I returned to high end Interior Design. Prior to opening Robineve Interiors, Inc. in 2014, I was Senior Designer at J. Hettinger Interiors for 16 years. During this time, I gathered my personal team of high-quality furniture designers, manufacturers and experienced builders who can work in any style. My projects take me to Silicon Valley, the East Bay, and around the greater Bay Area.

I thrive on remodeling homes, and then furnishing them top to bottom to suit the lives of appreciative, busy people.