How to Disguise a TV— News From The A/V World


As much as you may watch your wall-mounted TV sometimes, you may not want to look at it the rest of the day. A big, blank television taking up space is one of the most utilitarian and least attractive views in a home. But short of throwing out the TV, what can you do?

There are 2 basic approaches that can be taken: to minimize the visual distraction of the tv (make it blend in) and to disguise it completely (to hide it). Blending in can be functionally like invisibility, and it serves many people well. Hiding it truly serves as invisibility. The choice is up to you.

Whichever way you go, you’re going to want to hide the cords. Ideally, you’ll be able to run them inside your wall. If that’s not available, other options include arranging cords and cables so they all run together, in clean straight lines that travel at the same angles as the TV edges. Straight up and down, or straight left to right. Tape over the cords with tape that matches your wall perfectly, or paint it to match after taping.  If it works in your space, you may be able to distract from cords by placing a plant near them.

Make Your TV Blend In

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Make Your Wall Look More Like the Screen

Most televisions are black or silver. Whatever color your screen is when not in use, paint the wall a color that is much closer to it. Wallpapering a similar color can also look great. The idea is to lessen the contrast between the screen and the wall behind it. You can keep all other walls lighter colors to keep the room open feeling.

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Treat the TV Like a Piece of Art: Frame It

Choosing a frame that complements your decor can tie your tv in. This allows you to use the tv to display screen savers that you love as art, too. Or, instead of framing the TV you have, you can buy a Samsung Frame TV, which looks like a modern thin-framed print when displaying art.


Hide your TV Completely

Install a Painting on Sliders

With just a little work, you can have framed art or a painting on your wall all day, only to slide it over to another position while you watch TV. This creates technology-free decor until you reveal your secret television screen! And the space does double-duty displaying a piece of art that you love.

Pull-Down Roller Chart or Map

There are many ways to mount a roll-map or chart to conceal a television. The map can be mounted to the wall, with the TV tucked into a recess behind it, or the TV can be wall-mounted with a roller chart coming down from above it on the wall or ceiling. Just make sure you give the chart room to clear the TV so they don’t touch. Whether you want a modern world map, or a vintage botany diagram, there are some charming options to hide that TV.


Treat it Like a Window

You probably have some curtains, shutters, or other window coverings in this room. Why not hang a curtain rod to conceal to the TV, at the same height and length as your other window treatments? Or have the TV recessed into the wall and fit it with shutters or shades that match the ones on the windows? You can even oversize the “window treatment” to reflect the size and shape of your other windows. Only the very clever will figure you out.

These are just a few ideas, and working with a professional who knows your space, you’ll find that there are even more options out there.