Why you can’t afford NOT to hire an Interior Designer

The biggest reason is Time– it saves you so much time.

The next biggest reason is Money– you can’t afford to make costly mistakes.

Followed closely by That Vision Thing– a professional designer knows what it can look like even as you are describing your dream home.

And hundreds more:

  • Spousal negotiations (!!)
  • Design direction
  • Style guidance
  • Fashion trend forecasting
  • Contractor consultations
  • Architectural experience
  • Amazing exclusive resources
  • Budget management
  • Code regulations
  • Building permits
  • Material specifications
  • Fabric selection
  • Color knowledge
  • Complementary patterns
  • Space planning
  • 3-D renderings
  • Lighting expertise
  • Product knowledge
  • Value comparisons
  • Shopping nightmares
  • Purchasing experience
  • Layout efficiencies
  • Delivery coordination
  • Installation supervision
  • Problem solving
  • Project records

And so much more…….

I will love helping you turn your house into the home of your dreams.

Robineve Interiors: Designing Homes for Life