New Materials Worth Knowing When Remodeling House Flooring

You don’t remodel your home every day. Not every year, and not even every decade for many people. So when remodeling time comes around again, things have inevitably changed. The way processes work, the materials used, the options available are all new. Because they’ve gotten better! So what’s new for remodeling house floors? This certainly … Continue reading “New Materials Worth Knowing When Remodeling House Flooring”

Comparison: Wood Choices for Your Remodel

When you’re planning a remodel in your home, it becomes time to make a lot of choices about materials. Within a few days or weeks, you may have to decide on flooring, counters, tile, sinks, paint finishes. It can be overwhelming. And one thing that makes it even harder is when you’re asked to choose … Continue reading “Comparison: Wood Choices for Your Remodel”