Types of Lighting: Task, Accent, Ambient

Some people think lights are lights are lights. And yes, I guess that’s technically true. But all lighting is not the same. To have a comfortable, functional home, you’ll need more that one kind of lighting. Within lighting there are many questions to address. Like how bright or dim you prefer your space, what areas … Continue reading “Types of Lighting: Task, Accent, Ambient”

Save Time and Money Planning Your Remodeling Project

  When and how to use an interior designer is something that isn’t common knowledge. Many people think that you call in a designer at the end of a project for finishing touches- deciding where to put a mirror and what colors to paint walls. You can benefit from a designer during the last phase … Continue reading “Save Time and Money Planning Your Remodeling Project”

Why you can’t afford NOT to hire an Interior Designer

The biggest reason is Time– it saves you so much time. The next biggest reason is Money– you can’t afford to make costly mistakes. Followed closely by That Vision Thing– a professional designer knows what it can look like even as you are describing your dream home. And hundreds more: Spousal negotiations (!!) Design direction … Continue reading “Why you can’t afford NOT to hire an Interior Designer”

2016 Walnut Creek Interior Design award

Two and a half years ago, I decided to locate my new design firm in Walnut Creek, because the energy is crazy great here-sooo much growth, and the location was perfect for my clients up and down the 680 and Hwy 24 corridors. It was all about the location, but I’ve come to really like … Continue reading “2016 Walnut Creek Interior Design award”

Designing Ahead of the Curve

You may not be familiar with the term Universal Design, but I believe it will become the way all homes will be built in the future. Just as Green Design was a niche concept in the 1990s and is now the standard for all savvy, responsible design, I believe Universal Design will become part of … Continue reading “Designing Ahead of the Curve”