How to Make a Truly Luxurious Bed

Your bed is your “spot”. Your home is your safe place, and your bed in your safe place within that. Who wouldn’t want their bed to phenomenally welcoming? What Makes a Luxury Bed When a person decides to make their bed into a gorgeous, luxurious oasis, where do they start? Most people’s minds turn immediately … Continue reading “How to Make a Truly Luxurious Bed”

Save Time and Money Planning Your Remodeling Project

  When and how to use an interior designer is something that isn’t common knowledge. Many people think that you call in a designer at the end of a project for finishing touches- deciding where to put a mirror and what colors to paint walls. You can benefit from a designer during the last phase … Continue reading “Save Time and Money Planning Your Remodeling Project”

2018 NARI Bay Area Remodeling Awards

On April 11th 2018 at EQ3 in San Francisco CA, Robineve Cole was proud to receive a 2017 NARI Bay Area Remodeling Award. This honor is  fondly known as a “Remmie Award”. NARI is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and they sponsor the awards. Local awards are the Remmies (a remodeling award). NARI National is … Continue reading “2018 NARI Bay Area Remodeling Awards”

Make Windows Look Huge With Smart Use Of Curtains

  Why make your windows look bigger? There are many advantages to having larger seeming windows! Your home seems bigger, ceilings may seem higher, the idea that the window is large makes the home seem higher-end, the outdoors seem closer at hand. In generally, windows are a bigger-is-better area of life. There are even entire … Continue reading “Make Windows Look Huge With Smart Use Of Curtains”

Why Do Interior Colors Matter in Your Living Space?

How colors are used in your home may affect you more than you realized. It’s been well established that colors affect the human experience. From the color red making people hungry, to yellow making babies cry, and green increasing our feelings of calm and health, there are many documented human responses to color.   Why … Continue reading “Why Do Interior Colors Matter in Your Living Space?”