How to Choose a Paint Color: Why Choose Your Paint Color Last

When deciding how to aesthetically  improve a room in our homes, the first question we ask ourselves is usually “what color should the walls be?” and it seems like a logical place to start. Wall color is very influential when it comes to how a room feels. Plus how to choose a paint color is … Continue reading “How to Choose a Paint Color: Why Choose Your Paint Color Last”

New Materials Worth Knowing When Remodeling House Flooring

You don’t remodel your home every day. Not every year, and not even every decade for many people. So when remodeling time comes around again, things have inevitably changed. The way processes work, the materials used, the options available are all new. Because they’ve gotten better! So what’s new for remodeling house floors? This certainly … Continue reading “New Materials Worth Knowing When Remodeling House Flooring”

Childproofing Your Home Beautifully

You may have your home just how you want it: the right balance of elegance and fun, color and light, all that you could dream of. You wouldn’t change it for the world! Until a sweet baby becomes your world. Because then, it’s time to make some changes. But creating safety and a place you … Continue reading “Childproofing Your Home Beautifully”

When is it Time to Remodel?

Homeowners are generally aware that home remodeling is an option. But when is the right time to chose it? It’s easy to pinpoint when NOT to remodel: when you think your home is already perfect or you just had it custom built. The rest of the time all seems like a bit of a grey … Continue reading “When is it Time to Remodel?”

Types of Lighting: Task, Accent, Ambient

Some people think lights are lights are lights. And yes, I guess that’s technically true. But all lighting is not the same. To have a comfortable, functional home, you’ll need more that one kind of lighting. Within lighting there are many questions to address. Like how bright or dim you prefer your space, what areas … Continue reading “Types of Lighting: Task, Accent, Ambient”