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New Materials Worth Knowing When Remodeling House Flooring

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You don’t remodel your home every day. Not every year, and not even every decade for many people. So when remodeling time comes around again, things have inevitably changed. The way processes work, the materials used, the house flooring options available are all new. Because they’re even better!

So what’s new in flooring materials?

This certainly isn’t everything that’s new, but here are some options you probably didn’t have last time you were remodeling house areas that you do have now:

Engineered Hardwood

What is engineered hardwood flooring? Well, it’s hardwood flooring, but with the advantages of modern technology. Engineered hardwoods were created is response to the boom of concrete slab homes built after World War 2, so they’re not really “new” as a category, but their quality and beauty has only gotten better as time has passed. While the top of the plank is genuine hardwood, the core is composite wood, which makes it more suitable for basements and more affordable than solid hardwood.

Waterproof Core Luxury Vinyl Tile

This flooring offers the waterproof benefits of tile or concrete floors while being much more comfortable to walk on and gentler on joints. It also doesn’t create the loud walking surface of other types of tile. This is great in laundry rooms, mud rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The virtues of luxury vinyl also include being able to disguise uneven or cracked surfaces underneath. And of course, waterproof is always a bonus in flooring!

Hypoallergenic Carpet

What is a hypoallergenic carpet? Well, hypoallergenic doesn’t have a medical meaning, nor is its use federally regulated. So it doesn’t mean any specific, measurable thing. What it does mean is that it’s been specially designed to minimize allergic reactions. Whether from the carpet itself or from dust and dander in the home. Although it’s an imprecise business, if you know yourself to have allergies and want carpet, there’s no reason not to give them a whirl. These carpets often have no latex and low VOCs, and can be water resistant, making them inhospitable to allergens and microbes, like mold.

Pet Friendly Carpet

There was a time before you could get a luxuriously soft and easy to clean carpet. That time is past us now. Pet-friendly carpets have been treated by the manufactured to be stain resistant, water resistant, and forbid the growth of mold or mildew that otherwise could happen with wet stains. These pet-friendly carpets still have a soft hand, so you wouldn’t even know they have stain-resistant treatments. They look “regular” but have special features that pet owners will appreciate.

If you’re considering remodeling house flooring and need guidance on the right materials and design to make your home comfy and beautiful, contact Robineve Interiors. That’s our specialty.


Childproofing Your Home Beautifully

childproofing your home, beautiful baby proofing, prepare for children safety

You may have your home just how you want it: the right balance of elegance and fun, color and light, all that you could dream of. You wouldn’t change it for the world! Until a sweet baby becomes your world. Because then, it’s time to make some changes: childproofing your home. But creating safety and a place you can live in with baby doesn’t mean you have to lose sight of beauty and style!

Universal Design

When is it Time to Remodel?

types of lighting, lighting design, task lights, ambient light, accent light

Homeowners are generally aware that home remodeling is an option. But when is the right time to chose it? It’s easy to pinpoint when NOT to remodel: when you think your home is already perfect or you just had it custom built. The rest of the time all seems like a bit of a grey area- Is it too soon? Do I have a good reason? Would it be worth the investment?